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What are the benefits?

Liberica coffee is definitely one of the sweetest coffee on earth. Absolutely flavourful, thick jammy juiciness and super intense sweetness, way sweeter than most arabic & robusta!
Cawanmas Coffee Benefit


Coffee contains caffeine, a stimulant that has been shown to increase energy levels and decrease fatigue by altering levels of certain neurotransmitters in the brain.

Cawanmas Coffee Benefit


Some research suggests that drinking coffee could help protect against Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, and cognitive decline.

Cawanmas Coffee Benefit


Coffee consumption could be linked to a decreased risk of death from chronic liver disease, along with other conditions, like liver scarring and liver cancer.

Cawanmas Coffee Benefit


Coffee could improve physical performance and endurance when consumed before excercising. However, some studies have turned up mixed results.

Our Malaysia Liberica
Bean coffee families


Cawanmas Malaysia Liberica bean is patented as the only coffee bean of its kind - the result of evolution and utmost care over the history of our business. We guarantee a truly authentic coffee and a memorable coffee testing experience.

We making specialty coffee affordable foe everyone every day. This is our commitment to you as we strive to be your #1 coffee brand.

We use the frehest, professionally selected actions to ensure that every serving, every cup of coffee meets the highest demands. Not sloppy, nor compromising the quality of the product for the sake of saving or profit.

Awesome NessAwesome Ness
11:44 18 Dec 22
Drinking 1st time ! Nice ambience environment. The kopi is thick and strong aroma and price reasonable. Tea is good as well!
Willy WillyWilly Willy
09:44 13 Oct 22
Telling you a good news!They're opened back for business.Yahoo,i can taste back their aroma coffee + tasty toasted bread. For more on youtube:dailyvlog@willywilly
Penny LauPenny Lau
05:14 30 Sep 22
Restaurant is clean , service is good . Importantly food is good 👍🏻 too . The loh mee and coffee is yummy.
Thomas LewThomas Lew
08:25 12 Mar 18
Quite a big shop. There are quite alot to choose from their menu. The Coffee is good. Good place to chill out and there is free wifi.
Chan CAChan CA
16:09 04 Aug 17
The restaurant is cozy and windy. Becareful the swing door at ulu tiram today mall and it's reflect with full strength, iit swung and hit me, luckily the door didn't break and no problem for my muscle.The food is okay. The kopi is nice. The noodle got a bit dry and the bread took quite long time to serve.Overall the food is okay and nice place to hang around with parent.